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Vegan T-Shirt Advocacy Series – #1

T-shirts Can Be A Form Of Vegan Advocacy and Education
T-shirts Can Be A Form Of Vegan Advocacy and Education


I love how I can literally wear the message of my lifestyle “on my sleeve”, so to speak, without having to say anything. I am sort of a t-shirt queen, so having the opportunity to wear one with a vegan message becomes a form of education and advocacy for me. Continue reading Vegan T-Shirt Advocacy Series – #1

Vegan Black Friday


With today being the official kickoff of the Holiday Shopping Madness (oops, I meant Season), we are presented with an outstanding opportunity to use our dollars as our voice, letting others know that we will not use our dollars to contribute to the suffering of other sentient beings, to the expansion of global warming, and to the negative health consequences of friends and loved ones.

Each dollar we spend, each gift we give, is a chance to practice dynamic harmlessness. Continue reading Vegan Black Friday

Homemade Chocolate Spiced “Ice Cream”


Homemade Chocolate Spiced Ice Cream……just finished putting together a spur-of-the-moment made-up recipe and mixed the ingredients together. Currently in the frig getting cold, so I can put it in the ice cream machine tomorrow night. Can’t wait…so, you might be wondering what makes it a ‘spiced’ chocolate ice cream…. Continue reading Homemade Chocolate Spiced “Ice Cream”

Down’n’Dirty Quick’n’Easy Beer Muffins

Beer Muffins
Beer Muffins

Here’s a simple, yet extraordinarily delicious, muffin that you can whip up and serve on your Thanksgiving table that will wow everyone who likes to have a piece of bread to sop up that amazing vegan gravy you’ll be serving.

All you need are the ingredients, which you probably already have in your pantry, a large mixing bowl, a wire whisk, a 12-cup muffin tin (or a 6-cup large muffin tin, but I recommend the small muffins for the best results), and an oven. Continue reading Down’n’Dirty Quick’n’Easy Beer Muffins