Add This to the Holiday Menu

As we are quickly approaching 2018’s Holiday Season, thoughts begin to turn to what’s going to be on our holiday feast menu and what to bring to the holiday potluck dinner.

This absolute showstopper may seem daunting; but honestly, it isn’t.

It’s Not That

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Beef Wellington with Mushroom Spinach Stuffing and Brown Gravy

As promised last week…

Last week I introduced you to Sue, and we had so many delicious recipes to share with you, so here they are!



  • Kofta (plantain balls made with onions, cilantro, green chili in a tomato gravy)

Perimeter-top clockwise:

  • Daal
  • Arbi (root vegetable cooked with
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The Guru and Her Disciple – I’d like you to meet Sue (Part 2)

(Reprinted and updated from one of my Veganification’s columns in the American Vegan Society in 2013)

Meet Sue!

Susheel Abraham (Sue) was born and raised vegetarian in New Delhi, India.  On her family’s farm, she learned the art of cooking delectable homemade meals.   When Sue married, her

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The Guru and Her Disciple – I’d like you to meet Sue

What HAVE You Veggies Been Up To?

Last year, I was gifted with a volunteer pumpkin plant.  It produced several small, round, hearty, deeply-orange-fleshed pumpkins, much to my sheer delight.  They made their way to the expected pumpkin pie but also became pumpkin ice cream, pumpkin bread, and

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A Pumpkin Got It On with A Spaghetti Squash – The Tale of the Cross-pollinated Squash