I know what you’re thinking….oh geez, a fruit cake!  Never!  Those hard-as-bricks, not-worthy-of-eating, fruitcakes.  The only thing a fruitcake is good for is a doorstop or a re-gift.  Who’s going to be the recipient of this re-gifted cake this year?

Trust me on this one….this recipe

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Holiday Fruit Cake (Not Your Typical Re-Gifted or Door Stop Fruit Cake)

So, we all know how wonderful lavender smells, right?  It may well be up there as one of the most popular potpourri and air freshener scents.  And what about cologne?  Right up there as well.

But, have you ever thought about using it in your culinary adventures?

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Lavender – Beyond Air Freshener, Potpourri, and Cologne

I love being vegan. The lifestyle is in alignment with my belief system. I can walk in this world authentically embracing and practicing AHIMSA. That being said, however, my yearning for my former favorite food group (cheese) had gone completely unsated…that is, until now.Thanks to the brillance of Miyoko Schinner

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My Love Affair With Cheese

This is not your ordinary pineapple upside-down cake.  Think pineapple upside-cake meets piña colada. Alton Brown’s recipe, which was my inspiration, is made with coarse cornmeal and in a cast iron skillet.  My veganized version amps it up with the addition of a baker’s coconut trifecta (three

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Piña Colada Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

This indulgent cake truly melts in your mouth with deliciousness!  It has the luxuriousness of Arborio rice, saffron, Sambuca, and almonds melded together producing a texturous creamy center.  My inspiration began with a recipe found in an Italian cooking magazine.  A tweak here and there, and what

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Saffron Rice Cake (Torta Di Riso Allo Zafferano) – Flavored with Sambuca & Almonds