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Beet Burgers

Beet Burgers

For our first two years, Richard and I had a long-distance relationship, he living in Washington State and I in New Jersey. We’d meet somewhere across the country for our rendezvous, but our favorite place was what has now become our home—Sedona, Arizona.

The first time we met in Sedona was the first opportunity I had to cook for him. Oh, one important fact to note–Richard was not vegan. In wanting to ensure that I was able to create meals that would please this omnivore in my vegan home, I asked him what foods he enjoyed eating. His response—“I can tell you what I don’t like. I hate beets!)

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With the holidays approaching, what better sauce to master than a vegan Hollandaise sauce.  It’s versatility is endless….from a vegan Eggs Benedict for a Christmas brunch to broccoli Hollandaise served on your Thanksgiving table.  Ahhh, what a sheer and absolute delight.  Oh, and it couldn’t be easier, really! 

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Ah, now….what to do with the limoncello…why, make a limoncello coconut cake. My original cake recipe was for a white cake with a custard filling and buttercream icing. The Limoncello Coconut Cake Series Parts 2-4 will give you my non-vegan original recipes followed by my transformed and improved vegan recipes, taking creative license with all of them. My hope is that you’ll read these recipes, and that they will inspire you and provide you with guidance regarding how to do the same with your heirloom recipes.

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In keeping with the theme of celebrating World Vegan Month with a daily post instead of my typical weekly Tuesday posts and in going to the roots of Veganification, which is celebrating the journey of becoming and being vegan, I thought that I’d take you through the journey of veganifying one of my old stand-by recipes. The original recipe was my standard white layer cake with vanilla pudding and buttercream frosting. Starting today, and over the next four days, I’ll walk you through how I transformed my non-vegan set of recipes into the most incredible (hope it’s okay for me to tout my own horn on this one) Limoncello Cake that will impress anyone and everyone.

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Hump Day is here! Today is Wacky Weiner Wednesday. That’s right. It’s not just your plain old vegan hot dog on a bun with some mustard and sauerkraut. Not that there’s anything wrong with that dog, because every now and again I get me a real hankering for one of them that I succumb to. But, let’s expand our horizons a little today.

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About Linda Voorhis

I’ve always had a love for cooking and read cookbooks and cooking magazines the way other people read books. They inspire me to create my own recipes and have taught me the ‘science’ of cooking, most especially baking.

Julia Child (definitely nothing veg about her, but probably the greatest skills technician) and my maternal Italian grandmother, Mary, were my first mentors. With the advent of the celebrity chef and abundance of television cooking shows, inspiration continued to be placed before me. Food, its preparation with love, and the creativity it sparks within me, became a passion of mine.

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