Based upon that introductory session, subsequent sessions are uniquely tailored for you.  They can include such topics as:

  • Vegan 101: The Basics of a plant-based diet and what it means to live a vegan lifestyle.
  • The Vegan Kitchen: Together, we would take into account your kitchen design, appliances and other accessories, your cooking prowess, the time you have available to create meals, your food likes and dislikes, etc. to create an environment that would be conducive to creating nutritious and delicious vegan meals in your own kitchen.
  • Based upon your preferences, I would develop a list of standard pantry and refrigerator items as well as recipes to create delightful, healthful vegan meals.
  • Grocery shopping tips, which could include a trip to the grocery store to stock you pantry and refrigerator and learn how to read labels.
  • Kitchen and culinary tips and techniques to simplify your meal preparations.
  • Veganifying your heirloom and favorite recipes.
  • Creating meal plans.
  • Living a vegan lifestyle.