Breakfast Bonanza – October 8


Whether you are entertaining a crowd for a brunch or making breakfast for dinner,...

Start: October 8, 2018 From: 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Breakfast Bonanza - October 8 #1



Crowd-Pleasing Breakfast Delectables That Aren’t Just For Mornings Anymore

Whether you are entertaining a crowd for a brunch or making breakfast for dinner, these easy yet elegant recipes will become some of your go-to’s when you have a hankering for an A.M. (ante-meridiem – before midday) meal regardless of the time of day or night.

Mimosa with Strawberry Garnish
A light and refreshing cocktail that’s the perfect way to start your brunch.

Baked & Stuffed French Toast
The magnum opus of our brunch. Prepared the night before and parked in the refrigerator makes this the perfect entrée for any brunch.  And once you have this recipe, by changing up the extracts in the batter and/or the stuffing, the creations are endless.  Not only is this most likely one of the easiest and quickest recipes you will ever use but it is also mighty delicious…and a show stopper!  Served with any of the condiments included in this menu will have you remembered as the brunch rock star host(ess).

Hash Brown Waffles
Using your waffle iron is the perfect way to riff on hash browns with a fraction of the fat that you’d used to cook hash browns in a frying pan. You can make this recipe ahead and simply warm them in the oven just before serving.  Garnish with vegan sour cream and chives to impress.

Tofu Scramble
A hearty and scrumptious dish made interesting by using vegetables uncharacteristic in your typical tofu scrambles.

Blueberry Muffin
It wouldn’t be a brunch without this quintessential breakfast staple.

Buttermilk Biscuits with Country “Red-eye” Mushroom Gravy
This down-home breakfast from the American post-Revolutionary War South, still popular today, with a modern, vegan twist.  Flaky biscuits are smothered in a vegan mushroom country gravy made “red-eye” with its splash of espresso.

Lemon Curd
Classically served during an elegant British brunch or afternoon tea, lemon curd is typically lemons with lots eggs yolks and butter.  But not today. I’ve veganified this masterpiece.  Dolloped atop the French toast or used as a spread on your muffin, this is a winner.  Although sweet, you can bring this to your dinner table to garnish steamed broccoli or a vegetable medley.

Persecco Cherry Chia Jam
Kicked-up-a-notch jam made more flavorful and sophisticated with the use of Persecco.

Maple Rum Butter
Served warm in a gravy boat or as a softened butter, you won’t find a more suited condiment to elevate your already-uplifted French toast.

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