Will The Real Garden Volunteers Please Stand Out?

Back in my June 15 blog, I introduced you to my garden volunteers, who at that time had yet to reveal their identity to me.

Well, fast forward to today, and I now have fun and exciting answers.

The trellis that

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The Wonders of My Garden, and The Joys of Composting

You might be thinking, hum, a little late for this recipe.  Would have been nice to have it for New Year’s Day, and you’re probably right about that.  However, this is such a yummy recipe that you’ll want to add this to your cadre of ‘go-to’ dishes. It

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Middle-Eastern-Style Hoppin’ John and Carrots over Wilted Spinach

I was writing my recipes for my New Year’s Resolution Diet Be Gone culinary class and wanted to come up with a dish that would speak to the Mediterranean Diet and the Greek Blue Zone.

I was thinking, some sort of stew; so I googled Greek stew.  There was

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Tourlou Tourlou – Feelin’ Greek This Week