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Platter of Pizzelles

Growing up, my Italian Grandma Mary would make these delectable and delicate cookies on what looked to me like a mini waffle iron. She would stand in front of that machine for over an hour, as each set of cookies (her “iron”, which I have come to know as a pizzelle machine, made two at a time” would cook the cookies in a minute flat. She’d then remove them to a cooling rack and sprinkle them with powdered sugar, and if we grandchildren didn’t snatch them before she got to do it, after about another minute or two, she’d stack them onto a beautiful ceramic platter.

Of course, her recipe, which she passed on to me, was not vegan, having eggs and milk in it. Also, they were made with your typical white flour. Today, I’ve been able to use my ‘veganification’ methods, and convert her heirloom recipe into the exact same, absolutely delicious, cookies that I so fondly remember, without any sacrifice, and now 100% plant-based, vegan. Continue reading Pizzelles

Chocolate-Dipped Coconut Drop Cookies

Coconut Cookies


What could possibly be better than a cookie that’s almost 70% coconut, then dipped in chocolate?  I, personally, can’t think of much else that would be better.  Given all the health benefits of coconut oil, dare I suggest that this cookie can be easily justified as the next miracle ‘health food’?  Well, maybe I shan’t go quite that far, but it just might be the most delicious cookie you’ll ever eat! Continue reading Chocolate-Dipped Coconut Drop Cookies