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Linda's Latest Blog Posts

Easy, Breezy, Stroganoff

Looking for an easy-breezy dinner that is hearty, full of flavor, and versatile?  Look no further.  I present you with my spur-of-the-moment Mushroom Sausage Stroganoff.

Tonight, it will be served adorning a baked potato and a splash of fresh chopped parsley.  Some other options include the obvious, tossed with noodles.  Feeling a bit more creative?  Tuck the stroganoff into puff pastry for individual stroganoff pockets and bake. Toss in a bag of organic, frozen mixed garden vegetables to round out your meal and to add a flash of color.  Layer it in a round springform pan interspersing it with tortillas, then bake to heat through.  To serve, slice it in wedges.  Roll it into egg-less rolls with some shredded carrots and cabbage, and air fry for a riff on an egg-less roll.  I’m sure you can come up with some ideas of your own.

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Quick ‘n’ Easy Mushroom Sausage Stroganoff

Will The Real Garden Volunteers Please Stand Out?

Back in my June 15 blog, I introduced you to my garden volunteers, who at that time had yet to reveal their identity to me.

Well, fast forward to today, and I now have fun and exciting answers.

The trellis that

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The Wonders of My Garden, and The Joys of Composting

Welcome to My Backyard

I hope you just watched and enjoyed my introduction to the perennial bed that’s in my backyard.  It so exceeded my expectations this year; and as you saw, I will be needing to move two of the larger plants to other locations in the yard

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Veganic Gardening – An Update from My May 5, 2020 Blog Post

When I want comfort food, I typically reach for some sort of pasta. And with a well-stocked pantry (I tend to include my dry storage cabinet as well as refrigerator and freezer), it’s a quick, easy, hearty, and delicious meal.

Any of these recipes can be modified to suit your

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3P’s – 3 Pasta Dishes in a Pinch from the Pantry

In these times of stay-at-home orders across the globe, many of us find ourselves relying, more and more, on meals coming from our pantry.

I arose the other morning with a desire to have something comforting, warming my soul equally as much as my physical body. Immediately, I knew exactly

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Hearty Pantry Breakfast from Across the Globe – Indian Poha & Masala Chai

As promised, here is part two of this blog for batch cooking and using up all those great pantry items you might have around!

Perhaps You Have Peppers…

Stuffed peppers are another great way to use your bulk cooked ingredients for a flavorful meal. While I typically use red peppers,

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Creative Batch Cooking Made Easy Part 2

Lately, I’ve been seeing lots of cookbooks and posts about the joys and ease of batch-cooking. It was a task that used to occur on a regular basis in my home on Sundays. But then that thing called ‘life’ happened; and I got away from it. I’ve recently returned to

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Creative Batch Cooking Made Easy, Part 1

About Linda Voorhis

I’ve always had a love for cooking and read cookbooks and cooking magazines the way other people read books. They inspire me to create my own recipes and have taught me the ‘science’ of cooking, most especially baking.

Julia Child (definitely nothing veg about her, but probably the greatest skills technician) and my maternal Italian grandmother, Mary, were my first mentors. With the advent of the celebrity chef and abundance of television cooking shows, inspiration continued to be placed before me. Food, its preparation with love, and the creativity it sparks within me, became a passion of mine.

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