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My experience found that many of the all-natural, environmentally-sustainable laundry products were not only expensive, they didn’t clean as well as the commercial products on the market.

I took this as a challenge very similar to when I write food recipes.  So, the quest began to come up with

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Farmer’s Market Season in The Verde

One of my favorite times of year is summer. With summer comes the adventure of farmers market season. Did you know there are several farmers markets in the Verde Valley every week during the long days of summer?

My personal favorite is the Old Town Music and the Market. Each Thursday night starting at 5;00 in evenings in May, June and September. Thursdays in Old Town Cottonwood is a great place to be! It’s right there behind the city buildings on Main Street. My friends who live in Old Town say that they enjoy Thursday nights because they can hear the music from front porch but walking over is quite easy too! The best part though comes when you’re able to walk away with some fabulous finds and some great goodies.

Sweet Corn on my Brain

Back in 2017, I posted a blog about squash blossoms, and how eating them batter dipped and fried was delicious. But in that same blog I also talked about sweet corn. Organic, fresh picked summer corn is almost to die for. I love harvest season and the corn score I can return home with, ready for consumption!

I thought this week I would go ahead reiterate how awesome summertime sweetcorn is and give you a few ideas of how to enjoy this tasty treat.

Fireworks are to 4th of July as Grilling is to Summer

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When the chocolate craving bug bites, do you find yourself reaching for that all too inviting bar of dark chocolate stashed at the back of your pantry? Hey, it happens! I had such a moment recently, and remembered I have a wonderful little recipe for chocolate mousse, which sounded much more fun! It may be a little less “instant gratification” than that chocolate bar, but it is oh so worth it! 

And, if you’re thinking of using this recipe for entertaining and want that little candied ginger pizazz I mention below, check out my recipe for sugar-free candied/crystallized ginger here!

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Weeds – BE GONE!

Weeds – BE GONE!

The desert … no grass to water … but these weeds!

When the monsoons hit, and when the winters have been wet, the little weedy boogers are EVERYWHERE!

So what is a Vegan girl to do?! Well, I refuse to use chemicals, and I can tell you that the task

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VEGetariAN Squared – Part Deux

VEGetariAN Squared – Part Deux

The other night, a friend of mine was at home watching “Death to Smoochy” – a dark comedy, but a comedy none the less (which also happens to star not only Ed Norton but also one of my favorite actresses, Catherine Keener, who starred in one of my favorite movies,

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That Moment You Become an Activist

That Moment You Become an Activist

I was reflecting on life the other day. Looking back on what steps I have taken to get to where I am today and the philosophies I keep and practice daily.

This made me think of the blog I wrote a few years back about how it all became crystal

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Hello spring time!

One of my favorite guilty pleasures is a really great wrap, some crunch chips and a pickle. It reminds me of summer time and the adventures I’d have as a kid .

I thought right now, since we’ve all survived another winter, it would be a great time to bring back some happy memories of the summer and remind ourselves what’s coming in just a few weeks! So this week, I’d like to re-share my recipe for Tofu No-Egg Salad Wraps.

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About Linda Voorhis

I’ve always had a love for cooking and read cookbooks and cooking magazines the way other people read books. They inspire me to create my own recipes and have taught me the ‘science’ of cooking, most especially baking.

Julia Child (definitely nothing veg about her, but probably the greatest skills technician) and my maternal Italian grandmother, Mary, were my first mentors. With the advent of the celebrity chef and abundance of television cooking shows, inspiration continued to be placed before me. Food, its preparation with love, and the creativity it sparks within me, became a passion of mine.

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